Professional Groups

Group Name : Powerup Nigerian Initiative (PNI)

Objective : To collaboratively embark on programs, initiatives and promote policies aim at ensuring attainment of adequate power supply to all Nigerians with the shortest possible time frame.

Group Project : Powerup Nigerian Initiative (PNI)

Chairman : Dr. Godfrey Imade Vice Chairman : Engr. Tunde Mark Secretary : Dr. Haruna Lema

This Specialist Group is charged with the sole responsibility of coming up with urgent solutions to Nigeria energy problem. Energy and good power supply have been major hindrances to our national development in years past. There is no nation that can develop and actualize her potentials without adequate supply of electricity. Businesses either big or small cannot perform optimally in any economy without adequate supply of electricity. For over 30 years, Nigeria is yet to find solutions to power problems despite billions of dollars, tax payable fund, spent by each successive administration. The PNI, comprising of professionals in the field of engineering, power generation, distribution and related fields, will focus on bringing up practical ideas, solutions both in the short and long term to address this problem in conjunction with relevant bodies, and government agencies charged with this responsibility. This group is open to all Nigerians with relevant experience and capabilities....

Group Name : Health for All Nigerian (HAN)

Objective : Attainment of quality health for Nigerians

Chairman : Prof. S. Iyanda Vice Chairman : Dr. Isman Lawal Secretary : Dr. Francisca Imosu

Health is wealth! Health for All Nigerians is a specialist group of NDF members with the core responsibilities of advocating for adequate health facilities and programs to meet the health needs of Nigerians. The productivity of any nation is directly related to how healthy the citizens are. Nigeria is highly blessed with top notch specialists in health-related discipline, demonstrating professional acumen globally. In spite of this, her citizens are languishing in desperate need for medical attention due to lack of good functioning medical facilities and unmotivated work force. The HAN is charged with the responsibility of working out framework for short- and long-term attainment of medical sufficiency for Nigerians. Annually, billions of dollars are spent by Nigerians on foreign trips and medical expenses overseas, the HAN specialist group of the NDF will work out how the global health skill set of Nigerians can be harnessed and deployed to bring about radical improvement in our....

Group Name : Feed Our Nation Initiative (FNI)

Objective : Sufficiency in food and agro related products

Group Project : Feed Our Nation

Chairman : Chief (Dr.) Peter Makanjuola Vice Chairman : Dr. Railwan Suleiman Secretary : Engr. Godwin Onoja

Agriculture can be a major sustenance and source of revenue to the Nigerian economy. Over the years, oil revenue has been the source of revenue for the country, however agriculture is a better alternative to improve the nutritional status of the population especially infants and pregnant mothers. This specialist group will address the under nutrition, over nutrition and micro nutrient deficiency related challenges as adequate nutrition is important for the nation’s development. Malnutrition reduces the efficacy of the working population by causing ill-health and death thereby slowing down development. Malnutrition affects children, pregnant women and lactating mothers the most and contributes to the increase in maternal and child mortality every year. Food security in Nigeria is limited because of the low focus on large scale agriculture. Majority of farmers in Nigeria depend of seasons to plant and harvest and these affects the quantity of food produced and available to....

Group Name : Technology Transfer Consortium (TTC)

Objective : Great Tech Transfer

Chairman : Engr. Samuel Amstrong Vice Chairman : Dr. (Mrs.) Falaki Mary Secretary : Dr. Adesanya Micheal

Technology Transfer Consortium is a group of NDF specialist charged with the responsibilities of mediating the needful change in technology. In the face of emerging technologies and information, there is a greater need to adopt new technologies and apply their solutions to problems. So far so good Nigeria is scaling with telecommunication even if general adoption of technology is slow. Under investment into technology have affected adoption of emerging technologies especially at the level of industries. Nigeria still rely largely on imported raw materials for manufacturing and this largely affects the price of the end products. With little or no inspiration from the government to leverage on the emerging technologies to solve the rising challenges the country face on most counts. Allocations in the yearly budget to science, technology and research have been too and the funding grossly unaccounted for invariably limiting economic expansion. To overcome this deficit in the aspect....

Group Name : Initiative for Good Governance (IGG)

Chairman : Dr. Charle Ogbu Vice Chairman : Dr. Toriola Ibrahim Secretary : Dr. (Mrs.) Rashidat Mantu

This specialist group is focused on collaborating with the government and serving as advisory platform towards implementing good governance and rule of law for Nigeria. Good governance is fundamental to the social, economic and political development of a country in that there is order, security of lives and properties including social welfare for the people. Nigeria is in dire need of good governance; the hindrances to good governance in Nigeria are deeply rooted in tribal, ethnic and religious segregation among the citizens. The people have lost confidence in the ability of the government to protect them therefore there is a call for good governance in Nigeria. Leadership and good governance should be paramount for every other sector of the country to function optimally.   Corruption is at the forefront of bad governance and this fuels poor public service delivery and the need to curb it cannot be overestimated. Nigeria still struggle with deeply rooted corruption....

Group Name : Alliance For National Security (ANS)

Chairman : To be Appointed Vice Chairman : To be Appointed Secretary : To be Appointed

This NDF specialist group is focused on national security. Nigeria is faced with major security challenge within and outside the country. The average Nigerian cannot rely only on the security system of the country to protect him or her.  The country can be secured when the leadership can anticipate, prepare, and respond promptly to internal and external threats using available resources to protect and preserve lives and properties. The security instabilities in the country affects the growth of the economy deeply as foreign investors are discouraged from investing in the country’s economy and resources. Some of the major causes of national insecurity are the high rate of poverty, corruption and joblessness prevalent in the society. There is a great disparity between the rich elite and abjectly poor, where the rich dominates in minority and the majority of the population lives beneath average. Poverty and joblessness has brought about high level of lawlessness. Kidnapping....

Group Name : Education for All Nigeria (EAN)

Chairman : Prof. Akinola Moses Vice Chairman : Prof. James Godfrey Secretary : Dr (Mrs.) Sherifat Minna

This Specialist Group comprise of people in the education system with the vision of supporting Nigerian educational system and are committed to creating actionable solutions to resolve the educational challenges in the country, which obviously require urgent attention. Education is the bedrock of national development. A skilled workforce fast track national development. Education in Nigeria is faced with a lot challenges and one of them is inequitable distribution of quality education and inadequate funding as it gets the lowest allocation in the yearly budget. In the proposal presented to the National Assembly, President Muhammadu Buhari allocated only 7.04% of the 8.6 trillion 2018 budget to the education which shows where the priorities lie. The lackadaisical attitude towards education stems from poor governance and corruption which have eaten deep into the fabrics of the system. Even the inadequate allocation given to education is squandered by those in charge and not channeled....

Group Name : Tourism Development Initiative (TDI)

This group is for anyone interested to support and provide enhancement for Nigerian tourist industry. Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups with diverse culture and socio-cultural differences and these attracted international recognition making Nigeria a good center for tourism. Nigeria has ample cultural history and natural attractions with ethnic events which have tourist potentials round the year. Tourism can be a major source of revenue generation as most travelers are attracted to unique and exotic culture and environments unlike something they are used to. Different festivals from different regions in the country are ripe tourism interests. Some of these festivals include Argungu Fishing festival, New yam festival, Atilogwu dancers, the boat Regatta, the Olofin festival, the Olojo and so forth. Some traditional way of life are still preserved in local customs, illustrative native arts and lifestyle. Tourism market is ripe for foreign investors and individuals who want to take....

Group Name : IT for National Development (IND)

Chairman : Dr (Mrs.) A.A Ezekiel Vice Chairman : TBA Secretary : Engr. Lukman Abass

Information technology is key part of the present world and Nigeria like most developing countries is lacking in this regard. Between 1948 till date information technology have recorded milestones in its usage in Nigeria. There is been a slow slow industrial growth with the usage of computers of the decades, yet the growth is minimal compared to size of the nation. Centers designated for information technology research are either not adequately funded and equipped or they are mismanaged. Solid resource and research base is vital to national development. Telecommunication in Nigeria is doing well but the information base requires a lot of funding, management and funding. Nigeria imports all its information technology equipment, and this affects the cost and affordability of these equipment. Low level of IT in Nigeria has affected areas like education, health care, disaster preparedness and management, law enforcement, corruption and so forth.   Nigeria needs to take....

Group Name : Shelter For All Nigerian (SAN)

Housing and Shelter are part of the basic needs of man. Nigeria is faced with housing constraints and challenges in both the rural and the urban regions. Rural areas are faced with few houses with poor quality while the urban areas have lots of quality houses but they are either costly for the average individual or too sparse to accommodate the rapid population growth in the cities and towns. The expensive but quality building are out of reach for those in desperate need of shelter (those in the vulnerable groups). Social features that increase the value of a house include electricity supply, water supply and accessibility. Cost of building materials also places value on the quality of houses and these factors makes good housing almost in accessible to the low and medium income earners and also the vulnerable groups. Nigeria has housing policies that should ensure availability and affordability of good housing to her citizens but unfortunately implementation of the 1991 policy is a....