Every Nigerian deserves a better country which is free of religious, ethnical and tribal manipulation. A country where hard-work is rewarded, with functioning hospitals, a good road network, quality education, and other social services. Nigerians deserve a corruption-free society where rule of law, good governance and accountability are the hallmark of leadership.

It is the vision of Nigerian Diaspora Foundation to collaboratively build a new Nigeria where good governance and rule of law in a corruption-free society lay a solid foundation for a sustainable development. NDF is aware of the enormous task ahead, hence the need to pull together the wealth of the nation’s skill and knowledge globally to attain our developmental goal. We shall commence the process by focusing our efforts on projects that will enhance the quality of life of Nigerians. One such project among others is in the education sector, which is globally considered to be the bedrock of national development, poverty liberation, and political and economic empowerment. NDF shall work with people of like-minds, notable economic and political empowerment groups, and regional and international organizations to fulfill the aspirations of every Nigerian.

There are five (5) key projects that NDF will focus on:

The Pacesetter

The Pacesetter are Nigerians who are making significant contributions to our nation through meaningful projects or activities and who are having a direct impact on people within their communities, towns, state or Nigeria as a whole. These are people projecting the global image of Nigeria positively through their inventions, creativity and contributions to creating a better world - Nigerians that are promoting national peace and stability through their determined efforts to see our country moving forward. NDF will be celebrating and honoring these great Nigerians on regularly, showcasing their contributions and philanthropic efforts to our father. The projects being submitted for consideration may be ongoing or completed. The goal of this program is to showcase such projects to the entire world, encouraging others to embark on relevant projects using their knowledge, skills, contacts and resources to support development efforts across Nigeria. The commendation module on the ....

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Affordable World-Class Education (AWE) Program

Education is imperative for the personal, social and economic development of the nation. It empowers minds and the best way of eliminating poverty, corruption, unemployment and environmental problems. According to Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world,” - and NDF greatly shares this notion. NDF realizes that access to quality and affordable education is beyond the reach of an average Nigerian. The goal of the Affordable World-Class Education (AWE) program centers on the implementation of a tuition-free and affordable quality tertiary educational platform, accessible to students around the country. The platform will also provide a center of collaboration for Nigerian experts in the field of learning and education, enabling them to develop and maintain a relevant academic curriculum to meet the current challenges of our nation. The knowledge transfer process is adequately structured by leading scholars and academicians....

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EagleEye (Leaders Performance Monitoring Platform)

EagleEye is a global initiative by the Nigerian Diaspora Foundation (NDF) to commence and enforce an accountability process among leaders through a citizen centric monitoring platform. EagleEye is a project monitoring online application software that empowers all Nigerians within a locality to monitor and track progress of projects being budgeted and executed by local, state or federal government. Pictures and videos of various stages of projects are uploaded and tracked for progress for the citizen to see. Leaders also have opportunities to respond and defend their actions or explain to people the status of any of the projects being executed.

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VoiceItOut is an NDF sponsored program to enable any Nigerian to raise a petition concerning issues of common interest and get people to sign-up and endorse the petition. NDF will take up the issue with the relevant authority or person(s) to ensure that justice is done, and policy or action is reversed or implemented where necessary. The issue could touch on governance, economy, people, specific policy or projects that were poorly executed to the detriment of the citizen. VoiceItOut shall operate as an independent people parliament to ensure justice, equity and good governance in Nigeria. It is also platform to commend people or association helping their communities and government agencies, local or state government for good performance   The importance and awareness of any petition is rated by the number of people that endorse it. Getting a high endorsement is an indication of the popularity and general acceptance of a petition or commendation. NDF will take necessary....

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This is also an NDF sponsored and supported platform through the Coalition for Credible Election (CCE), an interest group of the Nigerian Diaspora Foundation with a mandate to support and encourage free and fair election process in Nigeria and Africa at large. The platform provides every NDF registered and verified individual/association the opportunity to give an eyewitness account of the election activities within their locality and environment, making such an eye witness account available globally. These highly monitored and scrutinized activities for authenticity encourage a transparent election process, instill confidence in the system and put potential election process manipulators in check.

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