Project Detail


VoiceItOut is an NDF sponsored program to enable any Nigerian to raise a petition concerning issues of common interest and get people to sign-up and endorse the petition. NDF will take up the issue with the relevant authority or person(s) to ensure that justice is done, and policy or action is reversed or implemented where necessary. The issue could touch on governance, economy, people, specific policy or projects that were poorly executed to the detriment of the citizen. VoiceItOut shall operate as an independent people parliament to ensure justice, equity and good governance in Nigeria. It is also platform to commend people or association helping their communities and government agencies, local or state government for good performance


The importance and awareness of any petition is rated by the number of people that endorse it. Getting a high endorsement is an indication of the popularity and general acceptance of a petition or commendation. NDF will take necessary steps to establish contact with the appropriate authority and follow up accordingly to a logical conclusion.

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