About Us

We aim to accomplish these goals by harnessing the global pool of Nigerians skills and resources toward world-class education, medical services, energy and power solution, mechanized farming, versatile transportation system, robust financial services, improved security and rule of law, improved governance and judiciary, among others whilst deploying modern-day information technology tools to solving national challenges.

NDF represents a civil re-orientation of the populace for economic empowerment, political advancement, rule of law and good governance for visible and sustainable development in a society free of religious, ethical and tribal hinderances.

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NDF will work with relevant authorities and agencies in Nigeria and other countries of the world to achieve long-overdue developmental goals and thereby improving the quality of lives of the populace. It is a known and unchallengeable fact that Nigerians hold prominent positions in various human endeavors around the world, contributing positively to the development and advancement of their host countries. It is painful to observe that impressive level of global attainment in many spheres of life are yet to reflect noticeably in our country. NDF is therefore leveraging on this unique capability to collaboratively bring about radical improvement in Nigeria. NDF currently has eleven (11) specialist groups comprising of topmost Nigerians in the area of medicine, education, finance, governance, energy, transportation, engineering, oil & gas, information technology, legal, tourism and others.

All Nigerians, at home and abroad, are welcome and encouraged to join this great initiative which is meant to become the engine of national development. NDF is devoid of political, tribal, ethnic and religious affliction. Together, we shall build our nation.Join Now

Mission Statement

Harnessing Nigerians global pool of knowledge and wealth for national development and attainment of good governance, accountability and the rule of law in a society devoid of tribal, ethnic and religious hinderances.

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To become a vehicle for social, economic and political advancement of Nigeria

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Our Values

NDF is governed by determination to unite Nigerians globally; breaking religious, ethnic and tribal barrier for a common goal of national re-building, good governance, fairness, equity and the rule of law .

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On a Mission to rebuild


To promote the global unification of Nigerians irrespective of location, tribe or religious affiliations with the sole aim of working collaboratively to build and create a new Nigeria.


To establish, promote and advocate for substantial investment in quality educational services as a means of poverty eradication, political, social and economic advancement.


To create and support platforms that will enable Nigerians raise petitions or commendations concerning issues bothering on good governance, social justice, rule of law and accountability.


To promote, establish and support projects that will enhance the quality of health delivery services across Nigeria.

Good Governance

To create and support platforms that will enhance good governance, rule of law and accountability.

Election Eye

To create and support platform that will enhance the credibility of our electioneering process..

OUR Team

We create events aiming to pear to the voice for children and gather for support.
Please update with our events and confirm you presence.

Member Name : Henary

Designation : Team Leader


Member Name : smith john

Designation : director


Member Name : john

Designation : Manager


Member Name : Nick

Designation : Supervisor