The network is one of the most critical parts of your IT environment. It delivers applications and data to your end users; it connects every location together and is pivotal to how you communicate with customers and partners.

CPI TECHNOLOGIES provides the best Managed Network Service to ensure your organization’s network and system are up and running 24×7. We know, how hard it is to Focus! But you don’t have to worry because we give you complete concentration to focus on your core business only.

Our Managed Network services cover network devices and applications.

Delivering network services to over xxx locations, has helped us create a ‘connected army’ which enables us to support the people. We are here to serve!

You need to ensure that your business network covers geographically dispersed locations, has resilience, and has the reliability to meet your connectivity upload and download requirements.

Ways Managed Network Solution can enable to connect your employees with confidence

Simplified network management

Reduce the management burden of multiple suppliers by centralizing your network services through one vendor and ensuring a single SLA across your managed network infrastructure.

Assured security across all connections

A large range of network connectivity points across your sites can lead to inconsistencies in security settings. Centralize your security policies and push to your estate from a single point.

Visibility of network traffic

Deliver a high performing network estate. Drill down into areas of your managed networks with ease, benefit from greater insight of activity and identify faults so you can manage the demands on your network.

Supporting availability

Reduce downtime and deliver an assured service to employees and customers. Choose from a range of network services which enable a selection of uptime or availability needs as well as budget or governance requirements.

Rapid site deployment

Support your organizational agility by adding new offices or sites to your managed network quickly and allow them to access centralized data and systems.

Support budget alignment

Benefit from the economies of scale of a managed network provider. Our long-term relationships with multiple connectivity providers help you to align cost and capacity demand with a network solution that’s best for you.We are trusted for our operations being monitored and maintained smoothly.

From basic network access and transport services such as traditional leased Wide Area Network and Local Area Network to the recent software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) connections and virtual network services, we ensure that your systems are up and running.

SD-WAN is fundamentally changing the way we think about the Wide Area Network.

Software-Defined Networking can enable your WAN to become more intelligent; routing traffic at each location directly to the service required and tailoring application access to deliver end-users the best possible experience.

Your internal, local area network is a critical component of your IT infrastructure. It connects your people to the applications and data they need to be productive; allowing various services within each site to access resources across the network.

We help our customers to design, deploy and manage their local area networks; connecting static devices, shared resources, and user devices, with the ability to group and segregate devices into discrete access networks.

Other solutions include WAN and LAN optimization, unified messaging, managed firewall security, network administration, virtual private network. CPI TECHNOLOGIES’s Managed Network ensures the health of your network through diverse, global services from network monitoring to complete management of your CPE devices such as routers and switches to wireless access points. Our certified and highly experienced network engineers will procure, install, and configure your network devices quickly and optimally.

Why Using CPI TECHNOLOGIES Managed Network?

  • Our experts deliver prompt and efficient network solution
  • Your IT Staff are free to focus on other tasks
  • Your company can try out new network devices or technologies without bordering on complexity.
  • Network integration, troubleshooting, technical support, and optimization are handled professionally.
  • Network issues are proactively handled to ensure business continuity.
  • Our SLA gives you a different level of services from basic to comprehensive network coverage.
  • Enables your company to have a predictable budget for your Network management.

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